Human brotherhood
against wars and terrorism

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We emigrate because of the wars that kill us in our own lands, we flee from murderous terrorism and from the many conflicts in the world promoted by states, international world powers and local ones.

That is why we know well the pain that so many Israelis feel today for the innocent civilian victims of the Hamas terrorist attack. At the same time, we also know of the enormous pain of the people of Palestine because of the decades-long military occupation led by the state of Israel, and its war that has caused tens of thousands of deaths and millions of refugees.

We have fought for the freedom of the people and we have always stood by the Palestinian people and all those who fight for self-determination. We fight for rights and for welcoming, for peace against wars and terrorism, now and always.  With the “3 Febbraio” Association we seek true brotherhood, solidarity and getting together.

This is why we stand alongside all those, Israelis and Palestinians, who have lost loved ones or will do so given the dynamics of a war that unfortunately will not end under the logic of states. We are with them to react humanely to this violence.

The paths for those in Palestine and Israel who want peace are more difficult today, but we are sure to know that the steps to a better life begin with rejecting every action that drives hatred, violence, war and destruction.

Those who govern want us against each other and in Italy the political propaganda is already acting to criminalise immigrants. We stand against this: Jews and Muslims, Christians and people of all beliefs, let us unite in the name of our common humanity and commit ourselves to live-well together in peace!

We are for the welcoming of all those who will need it and for safe humanitarian corridors for those who emigrate.

Associazione 3 Febbraio

f.i.p. 12/10/2023