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Even at such difficult times like these marked by the pandemic, there are people who give a helping hand instead of turning their back on others. There are people who defend the weakest instead of trying to prevail over others whatever the cost. There are people who choose to be on the side of women against unbearable masculine violence, there are people who welcome others instead of repelling them. There are those who take care of the ill incessantly and those who give way to mutual help networks while irresponsible politics is uninterested in the health conditions and the increasing economic difficulties.
We strongly sense the need to get closer and come together among generous people, among those who dedicate themselves to others standing up against resignation, cynicism and meanness. This is the intention of our fund-raising campaign: to meet each other, nurturing an alternative commitment to researching and experimenting beneficial and shared values, from taking care to getting to know one another, from loyalty to freedom and to good. This commitment consists of freer information, independent publishing, contexts and places to bring people together, cultural and educational events and much more. It is a commitment that you already know or you could get to know and share as you wish. La Comune and the Socialist Humanist Current have been actively around for almost 50 years, thanks to the protagonism of thousands of people and their ideal and material contributions and without any government funding whatsoever. To support us with a donation, small or big as it may be, means supporting, defending and nurturing together the best human values: ours, yours.

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