of the Methodological Theoretical Leadership of the SHC
As regards to some fundamental
truths and freedoms

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We are possibilists, not dogmatists nor sceptic, in relation to human beings and their possibility of improvement. We are confident in the vital qualities of our species but also worried about how they are distorted, neglected and even negated.
Our starting point is the differentiated common humanity
We recognise some basic anthropological truths, confirmed by biology, verifiable in experience and existence. These truths are relative, like everything human, in relation to the points of view and prospects upheld by the protagonists. We have unique characteristics like all other animal and plant species. We share some of these characteristics with the remaining of the living, above all biophilia which is to tend towards life, and in particular with the closest animal species from an evolutionary point of view. Our peculiar uniqueness is given by two fundamental traits which are permanently intertwined. In the first place, the complex and combined character of our subjectivities. In the evolutionary process and then in growth we emerged thanks to the collaboration and cooperation among individuals, first in a relational sense, realistically, and hence in a community sense. Human beings live and develop thanks to the fact of being together, no one can do without other people. In this millennial process the feminine gender has carried out a decisive function differently throughout time: not only due to giving birth but also in relation to care, education, nurturing rapports and pacification. It is from this constant laboratory regarding all women and men in different ways, that the second decisive characteristic has emerged: the inseparable link between human nature and the cultures through which it expresses itself. The individual subjectivities which compose themselves relationally and collectively have given shape and content to diverse cultures, which characterize and differentiate peoples and communities. Cultures allow collective, relational and individual subjectivities to interpret, in their own unique way, the natural potentialities we all have in common; mutually, our common nature takes shape in peculiar cultural qualifications, ones in which language and education, customs and arts are fundamental vectors. Every woman and man is an integral part of this process and is inevitably conditioned by it: through fulfilling the consciousness of one’s own identity in terms of species, gender, culture of origin and through choosing one’s own individual iden tity, every single person can become an active and innovative protagonist of this process.
New dehumanizing menaces
These primary traits are permanent and changing and can be found with great differences in all our histories anywhere and everywhere. These traits have been used and abused by the dominant classes for a long time. Narrow circles of powers distort and threaten humanity through concentrated violence, wars, States, material exploitation and ideological oppression. This huge prevarication tends to negate differentiated common humanity. It has a clear male gender mark and a patriarchal character. It is based on cultural prevarications from different powers intended to crush or subdue other cultures or community identities. It deforms and mortifies individual identities through coerced instruction, perverse morals and ethics, false and biased news which penalize consciousnesses and prevent free choices. Impoverished and hungry multitudes survive in hardship all around the planet; all kinds of conflicts are waged in various places on Earth. Tens and tens of millions of women, men and children are compelled to emigrate so as to flee from wars and persecutions in order to nourish a hope for life. When they reach their destination they are targets of increasing racism which is also waged among indigenous people and residents in the same territory. Women of all ages and social backgrounds continue to be victims of discrimination and violence, often mortal, committed by animal-like packs or individuals who are drenched in male chauvinism and often remain unpunished; at the same time, little girls and boys are subjected to violence and oppression from an early age sometimes on behalf of those who should care for them – going as far as devastating medication or infanticides by pedomaniacs – and even on behalf of their families. The young and not so young, disoriented by the cultural and values decadence and by compulsory instruction, are marginated, ghetoized or persecuted due to their own uncertaintities or to their sexual and behavioural orientation. In this already serious situation a variant of the oppressive ideology kicks in, which is even more poisonous and mystifying and is spreading from the centres of systematic world power in the United States, with the risk of infecting common people and those in good faith. It is a mystifying and imaginative, irrational and mortifying narrative which circumvents or negates some fundamental truths like the character of human subjectivities and the inseparable connection between nature and culture, feeding an actual humanophobia. It has taken roots in North-American universities, – already widely corrupted by imperialist legends – which have sponsored it finding both an amplification in the master-oriented press and a determining nutriment on behalf of Silicon Valley bosses. Different industrial powers, such as Coca-Cola, have cynically joined in with the sole objective of increasing their own profits enormously. It is the last strike of the centuries long cultural decadence, the rotten result of the long and unfixable crisis of bourgeois values, the product of the unsolved conflict between scientism and creationism, the final depravity of post-modern logic. It is the triumph of absolute relativism where everything is considered possible because nothing is true, everything is allowed in appearance but nothing is effectively doable. We insist: humanophobia, in other words the fear or inability to recognise that which is really humanly true and possible, legitimizing and promoting anthropological, moral and ethical lies and falsehoods, through subterfuges and prevarications. All this calls us to renew and radicalize our ideal, cultural and practical commitment to defend everyone’s truths and freedoms.
Responding to a systemic and treacherous attack
This pseudo-theory, which negates essential and concrete aspects of humanity, has an all-encompassing systematic character and meaning, yet it presents itself subtly and camouflaged. It gets spread in single aspects, under the direction of the university mafias and of the web clans by shallow and distracted journalists, influencers on the look out for new markets, parliamentary losers on a vote-hunt, social centres in their last hope, incapable ex-extremists, but unfortunately also by disoriented or unaware people in good faith. Let’s examine the origins and manifestations of some of the salient elements of the gigantic deceit. There is an attempt to question the biological unitarian aspect of the human species, which is immediately differentiation of two genders, feminine and masculine. Biologically speaking, gender does not concern only certain parts of our organism (for example the reproductive apparatus) but it is rather in every cell, hence in every tissue, in every organ, in every apparatus or system. Therefore, it does not concern only sex but the comprehensive psycho-physical development and it has different consequences on the characteristics of the mind as well as its representative modalities between those who are born women and those who are born men. The incomprehension of this definition of species and of genders leads to negating the existence of a multimillenial oppression on behalf of the masculine gender, under the aegis of patriarchy, against the feminine gender. To proof the seriousness of this on-going attack is the attempt to make prostitution out to be a choice, a job to choose freely, a job like any other. Prostitution is the epitome of gender oppression, a shameful patriarchal trademark, defamatory and crushing for many women. There is an attempt to hide the differentiation of our common humanity in collectivities which are such due to allocation, histories, traditions, cultures and ethnic groups, while theorizing on the contrary the existence of races and inevitably justifying old racisms as well as feeding new ones. This impedes the possibilities of liberation for the communities most affected by racism and the search for the needed cooperation between different human communities. This racialist aberration is largely widespread in the North-American culture and it is not difficult to deduce its kinship with the imperialistic ideology and praxis. There is an attempt to cancel or ghettoize cultures, which have always developed exchanging views and contaminating each other, silencing, censoring, liquidating this or that author, destroying statues, masterpieces and vestiges. It is an actual plan to liquidate historic memory, which is important also when it reminds us of crimes, errors and ugliness of the past and is fundamental to know what unites or differentiates us. There is an attempt to corrupt the fulfilment of the consciousness of the youth. Cynically exploiting the worries and the growing uneasiness which the new generations are living in a crumbling society – where cultures and values give increasingly less, and less valid points of references – there is an attempt to contraband the crazy idea that it is possible to decide one’s own gender. In this way not only is there an attempt to break each and everyone’s own indis soluble nature-culture link, but above all and in actual facts also the freedom of individual choice is repressed. This is due to the fact that it is only through recognising one’s own anthropological origins that it is truly possible to assume one’s own orientations, to carry out one’s own choices freely – sexual ones but not only – individually, relationally and collectively. One’s own being a woman or a man, among women and men in that specific context of common and cultural subjectivity, is the first species-related identity step, which can make way for the free and painful choice of changing sex without obscuring one’s own birth nonetheless. On top of the originating recognition as a species and as a gender comes being recognized (directly, that is to say relationally, or indirectly) by others, and hence the possibility of being a protagonist of freely chosen human communities. Identity is of species, of gender, of culture of origin, hence it is individual and thus one which represents reality, change (including a potential sex change), relationships, collectivities, activities, commitment: separating these aspects is an enormous harm to our selves. The so called «gender fluidity», far from constituing a promise of freedom of identity, is the beginning of the loss of one’s own identity. The arrogant bio-political folly which risks gaining ground is already causing criminal medical interventions on children who express some identity uncertainties which are normal in a pre-conscious phase. Those who uphold these denials of nature, of cultures and of human subjectivities are suggesting a tremendous dystopia: to transform an already extraneous society into a society of isolated individuals, each one irreparably and incomprehensibly different from the others, unable to recognise one’s self and to relate to others freely, sincerely, stably, happily and with awareness. So a collection of individuals who are more easily handled, manipulated and exploited on behalf of the dominating oppressive powers above. It is not secondary that these creeping operations use a neo-language and make use of also physical prevarication: typical totalitarian operating means. In order to weigh up the potential danger, it is useful to reflect upon the distressing evidence of the historical precedents. The theorization of races, book pyres, aggressions at meetings of those who disagree, eugenetic experiments on children: they remind us of a certain something, it was not fiction but the real Nazism. Today, other than the ferocious retrogrades who are nostalgic of the swastica, elements of more or less unconscious neo-totalitarianism can start gaining ground.
Affirming everyone’s freedom
Our socialist humanist commitment intends to affirm everyone’s freedom. A freedom which starts by consciously recognizing fundamental anthropological truths and the search for the human possibilities that derive from them in order to found an authentic culture of self-emancipation, challenging dominant and oppressive cultures, including their irrational degenerations. We address all those people who are willing to change, including those who in good faith risk falling into the denialist and humanophobic trap. We stand for women’s freedom as a principle and beginnings for everyone’s freedom. We are against all patriarchal prevarications, against all attempts of denying the meaning and value of the feminine gender, which is first and founding of humanity as a whole, denouncing the paternalistic and state-based frauds of the so-called parity. While we defend women who have been made sex slaves, we denounce and fight such trade aimed at prostitution, which we generally denounce as extreme oppression of the feminine gender. The liberation of women is a redemption opportunity for the men who are willing to recognize and support it in order to better themselves and to reunite themselves with a natural unity of our species finally become culture. We stand for the freedom to emigrate, for the right to be welcomed so as to collaborate, cooperate and live side by side peacefully among different ethnic groups, cultures, beliefs and customs. We stand for the freedom of expression of every culture and community as long as it respects others and pursues communication and dialogue. We stand for the freedom of knowledge against any kind of censorship, but for the full right to criticism. We stand for the free growth of children, against any intervention aimed at conditioning their psycho-physical growth. We stand for the full freedom of consciousness fulfillment and of identity choices, based on the recognition of one’s own natural roots, hence of species and gender, as well as cultural ones, therefore based on the full development of one’s own faculty-oriented and intentional abilities. We are and have always been for the full freedom of sentimental and relational choices, for the full freedom of heterosexual, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transsexual choices, as long as in the full respect of others.
April 11th 2021
Socialist Humanism Current