Alongside women
Born into a gender

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Biological identity is a founding principle for human subjectivities; it is so for individuals, for rapports, for collectivities.

Recognising the genders of the species and recognising oneself as part of either the feminine or the masculine gender is an indispensable premise in order to make free and authentic life choices.

The feminine gender is the first beginnings of humanity as a whole, thanks to its ability to generate and to educate, starting from childhood.

The fulfilment of feminine consciousness is a decisive premise to change the condition of oppression still suffered by women all around the world. What’s more: the idea and the practice of sisterhood and union between women are a basis for any kind of human betterment.

These fundamental aspects are being attacked, subtly and bluntly, through a creeping campaign by academic and power lobbies which originates within oppressive institutions and questions the fact of being a woman and calling one’s self a woman.

There is an attempt to prevent children from saying mom, to prevent everyone from realizing where we come from, to stop women from recognising one’s own uniqueness within their gender as united and diverse while distinct from the masculine gender.

There is an attempt to allow ill-meaning men to pass off as women.

There is an attempt to cancel basic and unalienable aspects of human nature, and ultimately dismiss it in favour of infernal machines.

There is an attempt to erode or suppress gains made by women’s movements at the price of long and difficult battles, including the partial material gains such as the relative improvement of working conditions.

We are facing a campaign of ideological and practical violence which mortifies every woman and can fuel any kind of violence against women and children. The latter are threatened in their psycho-physical cognitive, psychological and consciousness growth. The very same men who wish to emancipate themselves from the role of being domineering males and servants of the system, risk becoming victims of such obscene crusade.

This absurd radical dehumanization attempt is being undertaken in the name of the individual need to decide one’s own gender based on “how one feels at that moment”. The definition one gives of one’s self has two insurmountable limits: biological identification and respect towards others. Otherwise we could expect, among others, the legalization of the “nazi monster gender”. We defend each and everyone’s right to self-define however they want to. Nonetheless, no one can take their own self-portrait as a valid reason to attack the idea of the human species, its female and male genders, and everything that this entails in relation to growth, choices as well as individual, relational and collective affirmation.

The worst leftists who push forward this shameful battle – more or less conscious, little does it matter – favour the mortiferous, patriarchal and oppressive system and the most ferocious right wing sectors.

We call upon all women to defend their gender identity against any type of attack, to courageously continue affirming and expanding their freedoms together, reacting and organizing themselves against all kinds of violence. We also call upon all the men who are willing to emancipate themselves from chauvinist and patriarchal alienation and who are willing to take part in a new and beneficial alliance between genders.

Understanding and defending gender identification is part of our general commitment to achieve authentic freedoms for all women and men towards a common beneficial prospect outside of the ruinous decadence of the system which oppresses us.

Sara Morace Dario Renzi

28th November 2020 – La Comune n°368

(Translated by Catriona Smith and Sean Gleason)