Human Identities

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These modern times are overflowing with absurdities, astonishing negations, insolent falsifications. One can smile or be in stitches from laughing. But then you realize that a healthy ironic reaction is not enough. One can be legitimately outraged but even this is not enough. One can think that the stream of illogicality, and techno-illogicality, does not touch us but we then realize that it affects us even if only indirectly.

Thus it is useful to go to the roots without taking fundamental universal truths for granted but, on the contrary, raising them as a high flying emblem.

We are human, we are all part of the human species which is constituted of two genders: feminine and masculine. Each one of us is a unique individual and is different from everyone else.

Each one of us makes their own choices, including sexual orientation, which can change throughout one’s lifetime and it must be possible to express it freely.

Some people, due to bio-anatomic reasons or other reasons, feel the need to set out in the painful journey that is to modify, even drastically, some traits of their own body from masculine to feminine or vice-versa.

These are incontrovertible facts. We have listed them in order of priority: species, gender, sexual orientation choices, possible transitions.

We all never stop being part of the human species, which never stops being made up of women and men.

Each one’s identity will never stop being made up of different factors, some of which are not dependent on our choices. Negating this means getting lost in the quicksands of losing any identity whatsoever. Theorizing “fluidity” (?!), “neutrality” (?!), short-livedness (this week I feel a woman?!) has extremely serious consequences. We are already seeing the poisoned results its reaping among youths and teenagers, not to mention the long-term consequences.

It is striking to see how fast the feminine inflection, one for which we have fought for 160 years in a masculine and patriarchal world, is going “out of fashion”.

We have the grounded suspicion that what we’re dealing with are further ferocious reactions to feminine protagonism: once again against women and therefore against humanity as a whole with its self-emancipating possibilities. The suspicion becomes certainty when governments draw up legislation on gender self-definition (?!). Governments, which have war and patriarchy as their origins, 5000 years ago. Governments who dare pass legislation on the bodies and choices of women and on people’s intimate life by legally defining relationships.

Once again, it is useful to go to the roots. And telling the truth is a must.

July 18 2020

Sara Morace