It is needless to push our researches so far as to ask, why we have humanity or a fellowfeeling with others. It is sufficient, that this is experienced to be a principle in human nature. David Hume To react. Right now, before dark comes upon us, before the sun comes up again. A sudden, fast and unknown threat is spreading all around the world. We all have this epidemic menace in common and the necessary practical prevention measures are hygiene and “social distancing”. How possible is it that the necessary isolation could nurture our reciprocal subjectivities or on the contrary give rise to loneliness? How possible is it for this emergency to awaken a more radical human emergence or, on theLeggi Tutto

“Until it is only in my mind that I have the idea of good, without making it real through my actions, without upholding it as a life principle, it is not a truth in me but a mere representation”Ludwig Feuerbach The situation in which we find ourselves is difficult and strange. We have adopted some practical prevention measures which are fundamental to containing and defeating the epidemic. We have done so promptly and autonomously following medical advice. We agree with certain government measures to that extent and only to that extent. Given the methods and arguments used by institutions and the media; given the design, the priorities and the whole-picture prospects, we are now more alternative than ever, therefore distant fromLeggi Tutto

We are all worried about the local and global spread of the corona virus. We are all involved in some way: as potential victims or, above all, as main actors/ protagonists of (self) care and caution.The uncertainty and hesitation of the government in office have not helped until now. Added to the countless media news, often contradictory, anxious, inaccurate, incomprehensible and sometimes even disconcerting due to their imprecision and lack of transparency. We accept, with the due wisdom, the recent measures taken by the government in the sense of responsible behavior in everyday life. As far as we are concerned, it is what we had already suggested to our comrades and friends. However, we can’t deny the bewilderment and aversion createdLeggi Tutto