Peace and pacification for the population of Ukraine and Russia
No to Putin, No to NATO
Let’s rally against war

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La Comune promotes the following call to mobilize unitedly against threats of war in Ukraine.

Winds of war blow upon the Ukranian population.

The new Russian zar, Putin, after the military annexation of Donbass and Crimea, is now threatening a new military aggression at the borders with thousands of soldiers in place.

On the other hand, both Biden and the European democracies want to extend their military presence and push the Ukrainian government to adhere to the criminal military NATO deal.

This further  military escalation is caused by the corrupt dirty work from both and at the expense of the local population. All of this means a threat for the people.

It is time to break with silence and indifference: we warmly call upon all authentically pacifist sectors to take to the streets and unite for peace and pacification between populations to stop the conflict and the threats of a new war.

For info and to adhere:

La Comune, Associazione dei Senegalesi (Napoli), Associazione Antirazzista e Interetnica “3 Febbraio”, Ass. Mediterranea Saving Humans di Milano, Teatro Officina (Milano), Ass. Amalipè Romanò (Firenze), Ass. Culturale Musicale Illimitarte di Villaricca (Napoli), Graf San Donato- (Bologna), A.n.p.i. Casali di-Romagnoli di San Donato (Bologna), Comitato Stop Razzismo (Prato), Refugees Welcome (Bologna), Un Ponte per … comitato di Milano, Ass. Melitea